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Enjoy your exams- The Hindu!! #theedugrid!!

With Board examinations around the corner, it’s time to pull up your socks and be prepared 

With the annual board exams and final assessments approaching, students across various boards are reporting increased anxiety, panic and overall stress. It is okay for one to get stressed and use ‘eustress’ (positive stress) during exams to be productive but it's important not to let it get out of control and get dis-stressed.
Study well and push yourself because this is the final lap, you can almost see the finish line. No one else, but you alone can make it happen! However, don't lose sight of the fact that there is life post-exams and results. Stress in the right amounts is helpful and motivates you to work hard.
Make sure you are on top of your portions, read the chapters thoroughly, make handy notes, mind maps, acronyms and be familiar with the portion. Breathe easy and utilise the leftover time wisely and productively to revise and learn concepts that you are not thorough with. Use a revision method (auditory, visual, writing notes, rote) that’s tried and tested and one that works for you. There is still enough time and nothing is lost even now.

Dos and Don’ts

Plan: Set a realistic timetable that you plan to accomplish everyday that is do-able by you across subjects. Stick to it!
Environment: Dedicated a daily spot – study table / dining table, not your bed. Get everyone at home to partner with you to motivate you and make the home conducive for you to study.
Study: In specific blocks of 50 minutes each, for 5-6 blocks a day. Take a break of 10-15 minutes after every block. A break is a real break, a stress reliever — go for a walk, have a juice, call a friend, play with a pet, help your mum, chat with dad.
Avoid: Unnecessary competitions and comparisons with friends who seem better prepared. You never know what magic you can churn at the finish line.
Rest: Ensure you get enough rest and are not sleep deprived. Please clock in a minimum of eight hours (everyday) or more, the night before the exam. This will minimise fatigue, constant tiredness, and difficulty to wake up or study late at night.
Food: Eat well. Ask your parent/ primary care-givers to cook the food that you like (fresh fruits, vegetables, juices) — avoid eating junk and outside food. Do not skip meals.
Exercise: Get a minimum of 45 minutes to 1-hour of exercise — whatever you enjoy and makes you happy like swimming, running, walking, yoga, or meditation. This will help you centre yourself, de-stress your mind and keep you active and agile. Build it into your timetable.

Yes!! with EduGrid the exams wont be tough to the students anymore, EduGrid is designed in such a way to provide the contextual and personalized learning environment for the students.
some of the features are,

• Student Profiling and intelligent tutoring • Personalization based on usage measurement and analysis
• Contextual delivery of content making the process of learning thought-provoking & simpler
 For more details check !!!


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