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How to Balance Life and Career!!

A catchphrase that has been for decades is Work-Life balance. Around the world people kick up a fuss about they don’t have it, experts elucidate on how to achieve it and researches says it is important for both physical and mental well-being

Nowadays balancing work and life seems to be an impossible task. The advancements in technology makes people to work round the clock. The fear of losing the job or desire for more money makes people incentivize for longer hours. As a survey conducted by Harvard Business School, a whopping 94% of professionals working more than 65 hours per week. Experts agree that increasing stress from never ending work days are harmful.

Experts share some tips to help you find the balance that’s right for you:

Separate Work and Home

In this digital age, you can sit at your home for a whole day and get everything done at your fingertips. Attending school or working afar may add flexibility to your life. However a downside is that work or school can slowly creep into your home or family activities. It is difficult to back away when your work is always within reach. Without a clear separation between your home and office, it will be hard transition between your personal and professional life.

Inorder to counteract this, you can follow certain steps:

  • Once your work is done, you have to physically and mentally leave the work environment this may help you in the transition to your personal life
  • While your commute to home, you can listen for a music or hit the gym for a quick workout this will help you in reducing your stress and help in the transition to your personal life
  • Once you are done with your work, hangout with your friends and chat up for a bit or have quick bite this will help you in your transition

Setting your Priorities

To successfully manage your work and family, you have to set your priorities and follow them accordingly. Priorities are what people live and not what they put on paper. But the three big mistakes people does when it comes to setting priorities are people don’t think about setting them, they make it more complicated and they don’t live their priorities. Without setting priorities or not living the priorities often ends up in people living the life they don’t want rather than designing the life they want.

How to Set and Live Priorities



Take some time and figure out what are your priorities in work and in life. And what is the most important to you Keep the priorities simple and short term because it is difficult to live more than 3-4 priorities and keeping them simple will allow you to truly focus on them and you can also live up to it. Every morning just remind yourself what are the priorities and put them in your schedule.

Let Go

Technology has helped us in so many ways but it also created an expectation of constant accessibility.

There are times when you should just shut your phone off and enjoy the moment,” says Robert Brooks, a professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School
Instead of sending text messages or becoming an online wizard, you can let go of your mobile phone and concentrate on your friends and family. Phone notifications may interrupt your quality time and inject stress in your system. Do not send text or work emails while you are hanging out with your family. Don’t react to the updates from your work and develop a strong habit of resilience. Make your quality time a true quality time.

Enjoy the Journey

Lastly, it is not just about maintaining the balance, it is also enjoying each moment in your life. Many great memories and lessons learned along the way makes life more meaningful. Maintaining balance is not easy but it is doable.





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